2016 AIA Best Design People's Choice Award: B.R.I.C. Awards

The Flying Squirrel Bar

Chattanooga, TN

The Flying Squirrel was envisioned as a Bar/Restaurant that would expand the cultural reach and renaissance of the Southside neighborhood

The Owner, Crash Pad Hospitality, asked us to design a Bar/Restaurant that would expand the cultural reach and renaissance of the Southside neighborhood, provide a communal gathering space to bring more people to the neighborhood and provide great food, beverage and service to locals and visitors to the City of Chattanooga, especially visitors staying at their hostel, The Crash Pad, located adjacent to, and sharing the same property as, Flying Squirrel.DSC_7990

DSC_7994Already having established a relationship with outdoor enthusiasts and travelers through the hostel and its locations to so many outdoor recreation opportunities, the Owner desired a Bar/Restaurant that embrace the outdoors through a comfortable patio and through an open bar that would allow bar patrons inside to experience the outdoors and bar patrons outdoors to be a part of the goings on inside. The tone is equally amenable to a night out on the town or to a cold beer after an afternoon of rock climbing.

The Owner also has a well-established relationship to green building with its LEED Platinum certified Crash Pad and required that this project be designed sustainably. Careful mechanical engineering, shading and siting were employed, as was the extensive use of reclaimed wood in the interior design. Further, the Owner, project team and City of Chattanooga partnered to complete a pilot stormwater project that would incorporate pedestrian-friendly and innovative stormwater techniques. This element of the project was just awarded the Governors Environmental Stewardship award.

Awards and Publications

People’s Choice Awards : Dwell Restaurant Design Awards 2015

2016 AIA Best Design Peoples Choice Award: B.R.I.C. Awards