Chattanooga, TN

Home to Chattanooga Whiskey, the Tennessee Stillhouse Microdistillery became the city’s first legal distillery in 100 years. The Chattanooga Whiskey Company worked for several years to change the laws to successfully change Prohibition-era laws outlawing whiskey production in Hamilton County. While developing a full-scale distillery in Chattanooga, the owners thought a micro distillery would maintain the positive momentum and word of mouth gained during legal battles and achieve their goal of distilling whiskey in Chattanooga. The micro distillery, located across from the historic and iconic Chattanooga Choo Choo in the city’s booming Southside district, serves as a destination where locals and tourists a like could visit and learn about the process of making whiskey and taste – and purchase – the results. Built within an existing historic building, the storefront entry serves as a shop as well as the starting point for tours of the distillery, which has a 100-gallon potstill that is used to experiment with new and innovative recipes. After the tour, which includes a stop in the basement barrel storage, guests are ushered to the bar for a tasting. The tasting room aesthetic reflects the company’s personality and goal of creating a great experience. For larger events, glass garage doors can be raised to expand the bar to a courtyard created by removing the 30 feet of roofing from the rear of the building.  Cogent worked very closely with the great craftsman at Haskel Sears Design and Construction in the design and build out of this great space.