Pruett’s Signal Mountain Market as been the has been the primary source for groceries on Signal Mountain for many decades.  The neighborhood grocery also boasts a full service deli, a sushi bar, and an impressive craft beer selection. Pruett’s also makes it a point to offer local and regional foods, coffees, and assorted wares as often as possible. It is essentially impossible for town residents to shop at the store without running into friends and neighbors.

Cogent Studio is fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside the store owners and managers to transform the grocery into something more of a gathering place. The renovated facility will include an outdoor seating and dining area, replete with outdoor cooking facilities and a fireplace. The new canopy, store entry, and patio area draw heavily on indigenous Appalachian buildings and materials but also include unique elements such as Shou-Sugi-Ban (charred wood siding). Timber and stone are locally sourced and reflect the character of many of the historic homes in the town.