Habitat Restore

Chattanooga, TN

The ReStore project focused on expanding the existing facility, while creating an attractive, functional and sustainable retail space on Habitat for Humanity’s Main Street campus. The renovation/addition project doubled the existing 3,000 sf warehouse. The design capitalized on reusing the existing structure and adding a long strip of clerestory windows that daylight the space during business hours.

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In addition to reusing the existing building, which avoided sending tons of waste to the landfill and reduced the amount of raw materials needed, other sustainable strategies included daylighting, rain water collection for landscaping and envelope performance strategies. All help ReStore operate as efficiently as possible.

It was important to Habitat that the project respond to the community. The design created a new entrance on 14th street that helps to increase community interaction on an underutilized street as well as increases access and visibility by creating an urban edge.

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