Chattanooga, TN

Situated in the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo, Songbirds came about as an effort to showcase a rare collection of timeless guitars with the goal of giving everyone the chance to experience the beauty and rich history of the guitar.

Rather than create a white glove environment, the Owner preferred a relaxed, parlor feel with a rock-n-roll vibe. Owing much to the inherent nature of the Choo Choo, the space exuded character from its riveted beams and columns to the expansive windows and brick detailing. Using steel, glass, and dark woods, patrons are drawn into the music scene and immersed in the richness of generations of music history.


Designed as a progression, both through history and in rarity of guitars, the main space is open and tells of the evolution of the guitar though the decades. One may even hear some guitars being played either at the performance space or in the adjacent band room. Past the main space is the Lounge, which is designed a true guitar parlor where more rare guitars can be found in a warmer, more intimate setting. From the Lounge one’s eye is immediately drawn beyond and into the Vault where the holy grail of guitars glow, beckoning one to enter.

The museum further contributes to the revitalization of Chattanooga’s southside as a music scene and destination in its partnership with the City of Chattanooga. Once again the Owner, City, and project team came together to revitalize 14th Street as a pedestrian friendly corridor complete with underground stormwater management techniques.

To keep up with what is happening at Songbirds check out their website here.